Dear Ukrainians, 

In December 2022, the BeeThe Honey Workshop team handed over 300 stocks of honey to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We are grateful to our brave defenders for a peaceful sleep, for the opportunity to continue our work and delight you with delicious food.

Such a nutritious and sweet snack is a daily norm of vitamins for the daily diet. One joint contains honey from meadows and fields collected by our worker bees back in the summer.

Also, we do not forget to take care of the environment, the packaging consists of organic materials, and the paint is completely ecological.

Previously, we also transferred honey to the front line, but it turned out that it is not very convenient to taste honey from a jar, so we decided to facilitate the consumption of honey in difficult conditions. The production and transfer of honey sticks became possible thanks to Oksana Grabara, who collected funds on her birthday and sent them to the production of honey sticks!

Our team and young warriors are very grateful for such an initiative. We believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine! Glory to Ukraine!