Calorie content of honey
Although the calorie content of honey is higher than the calorie content of sugar (a tablespoon of natural honey contains approximately 64 calories, sugar - 46 calories), but honey is much sweeter than sugar. Thus, using honey instead of sugar during the day, our body receives fewer calories

Glycemic index of honey
This indicator is important because it shows how food affects blood sugar levels. The lower the index, the slower the body absorbs sugar. The glycemic index of sugar is 70 units,
honey - 49 units

Honey stimulates metabolic processes
Experts recommend using honey instead of sugar if you want to lose weight

Honey increases immunity
Honey strengthens the human body. It has a good effect on nervous exhaustion, helps with heart and stomach diseases, liver diseases. Sugar reduces the strength of the immune system by 17 times. The more sugar in the blood, the weaker the immunity

Rich vitamin and mineral composition of honey
There are practically no useful nutrients in sugar. It is called "empty calories". Honey, on the other hand, has a fantastically rich vitamin and mineral composition