How to properly store honey to prolong its beneficial properties?

First of all, you need to choose the right dishes for storage:

The best option is glass, clay or ceramic dishes, thoroughly washed and dried beforehand. You can keep honey in wooden tubs, especially if they are covered with wax from the inside. But not all wood is suitable for this, for example, coniferous species tend to secrete resin, which has a negative effect on honey, and honey can darken due to oak. The best dishes are  made of linden.

Be careful with plastic containers. The shelf life of honey in them should not exceed one year, after which honey begins to react with harmful substances contained in plastic. It is forbidden to store honey in galvanized steel, copper and other metals. It is not recommended to even scoop up honey with an iron spoon, it can have a bad effect on its taste.

Next, we pay attention to the place of honey storage: 

Honey should not be exposed to direct sunlight, especially in glass jars. Storage temperature should not exceed 20 degrees. Honey also does not like high humidity, because it absorbs drops from the air and liquefies.
Thanks to these tips, you can enjoy natural and high-quality honey for much longer.